2017 Conference Topics

Not signed up yet for the 2017 Conference? Here are some of the topics being covered this year:



Previous Conference Topics include*:



Surviving a Violent Encounter with Gang Members
Using Forfeiture During Gang Investigations
Human Sex Trafficking Involving Gangs
Border Trends and Arizona Gangs
Using Social Media During a Gang Investigation
A Quick Glance at AZ Tribal STG's
The Black Hand of the California EME
Mexica Ideology and Tattoos
Expert Testimony During a Gang Trial
Mindset of a Gang Member and Current Trends
Female Offenders
Making of a Gang Member from the Streets to the Prisons and Back to the Streets
Border Brothers
Understanding What is Required to Arrest, Prosecute, and Convict a Gang Case
Utilizing the Tools in the Intelligence Toolbox - MCSO Jail Intel
Female Gang - Offenders Support Structure
Defense Attorney Strategies and Tactics
Prosecution of Gang Members Involved in Human Sex Trafficking

*This year's conference topics are still being determined and may vary from those listed above.