Interested in joining ArizonaGIA or attending a Training Conference?

Step 1 – Click here to make sure you are eligible to become a member. All applications are vetted and require a government issued email address be used for contact.

Step 2 – Membership is $25 per year (June through June) to coincide with the ArizonaGIA Annual Training Conference.  If you plan on attending the Conference, you do not need to submit this application or pay a membership fee. Both items will be included when signing up for the conference.  Payment will be required after completing the below membership application.

Step 3 – If you meet eligibility and contact requirements listed in step 1, are ready to submit payment as described in step 2, then CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!  All applications are sent to the Membership Committee for review and final approval.  You will be contacted by a member of the committee after your application has been received.

*Please note – registration is designed for individual use. If you need to register multiple people from the same agency, please provide each person’s first and last name, email address, supervisor name and email address along with department details. Submit information by clicking here.